Ding Wenqing

Ding Wenqing

We are thrilled to showcase the breathtaking artwork of contemporary Chinese Brush Painting artist Wenqing Ding, whose delicate and exquisite brushwork seamlessly blends traditional Asian elements with contemporary surrealist landscapes, having held numerous solo exhibitions and collaborated with top brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, and Visa. Upgrade your B&O speakers with Mr. Ding's symbolic and distinctive designs.

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Free Clouds

"When I first delved into Landscape Paintings, I was drawn to the boldness conveyed through the brush and ink. However, over time, I began to appreciate the works that restrained the tension and conveyed a sense of calmness.

The emotions that a landscape can evoke are not only external but also internal, which allows for a free expression of ink on the canvas, like a cloud covering the sky. This freedom of expression is symbolized by the wild cranes."

Catching Stars

"I imagine a world where I can reach out and pick the stars. In life, we may have rolled in the mud and swamp, and as we grow older, we seem to become increasingly numb and comfortable with the status quo. These scenes bring back beautiful visions of the past, evoking courage, hope, and the possibility of change." said Ding Wenqing.