Yuya Hashizume

Yuya Hashizume

Yuya Hashizume was born in 1983 in Okayama Prefecture, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. A self-taught artist, in recent years he has been attracting attention for his series of works, “eyewater,” which depicts the moment when a single tear falls from the eyes of his subjects who are painted against a single-color background using illustrative techniques reminiscent of Japanese anime. 

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“eyewater” is a series that Yuya Hashizume has worked on from early on in artistic practice, which has continued to develop and deepen in expression over the years. He captures the hidden emotions of a person and transforms them into colourful and cartooned images. The tear lingering at the eye corner of the figure and the use of vivid colours characterise the portrait works of Yuya. It is a representation of the complex emotions that individuals experience, and his art invites viewers to reflect on their own emotional experiences.

To Yuya, Fujiko Fujio's "Doraemon" manga series has a profound influence on him since he was a child, which impacted the style and representation of the artist's works fundamentally. The simplicity and smoothness of lines allow viewers to focus on the facial expression of the character and thus sympathise with the sentiment expressed by the artist easily.