BeoPlay A9 Cover - Rest

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"Take a moment. Maybe that's all you need to create your next masterpiece."

x Designed by Chinese Painter Mr. Ding Wenqing

Mr. Wenqing Ding was born in Shanghai and is a contemporary Chinese Brush Painting artist. His fine brushwork is delicate and exquisite which he applies to the traditional Asian elements in every painting. His work seeks to deconstruct landscapes in a contemporary and surrealist way. He has held many solo exhibitions including the Russian National Museum and Suomei M50 Gallery. He has also cooperated with many brands such as Jack Daniels, UOB Bank, Starbucks, Pepsi, Braun, and VISA.

Tegrino Studios are proud to offer Mr. Ding’s symbolic work to bring a fresh new look to your B&O speakers.