Artist Collaborations

Introducing our Designers Collection - a hand-picked selection of exclusive designs from talented designers around the world, showcasing their unique artistic styles and creativity.

Aira Choi - The Shambhala

Experience the magic of Aira Choi's latest work 'The Shambhala Traveler', as Tegrino Studio invites you on a journey to a beautiful and mysterious world created by this rising Korean artist.

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Arnaud Le Dévéhat - Wobble

Arnaud Le Dévéhat, a French graphic designer, has created a stunning design for the Beoplay A9 cover, titled "Wobble," which visually represents the purity and sparkle of the sounds emitted from the speaker through a series of merging dots and waves.

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Yuya Hashizume - eyewater

Yuya Hashizume, a self-taught artist from Okayama Prefecture, Japan, is gaining recognition for his captivating series of works titled "eyewater," featuring his subjects shedding a single tear against a vividly colored background, created with illustrative techniques inspired by Japanese anime.

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Nordal Konings - Scream

The "Scream" design by Norwegian designer Christopher Nordahl Konings is a unique and abstract representation of the iconic painting by Edvard Munch. Inspired by the painting's vivid colors and expressive style, Nordahl Konings incorporates elements of sunset and blood red hues to create a pixelated interpretation that captures the essence of the original work in a modern way.

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Subin Lim - Pink Utopia

Subin Lim is a Korean artist known for her imaginative and whimsical designs. Her latest collaboration with Tegrino Studio features a pink horse on a journey towards ideal happiness, spreading seeds of positivity and inviting viewers to join in on the beautiful and joyful experience. The design, titled "Pink Utopia," portrays the story of a pink horse in search of a utopian world where happiness is ideal. With its vibrant pink colors and playful imagery, the design is sure to uplift and inspire all who encounter it.

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Wenqing Ding - Surreal Brushwork

We are thrilled to showcase the breathtaking artwork of contemporary Chinese Brush Painting artist Wenqing Ding, whose delicate and exquisite brushwork seamlessly blends traditional Asian elements with contemporary surrealist landscapes, having held numerous solo exhibitions and collaborated with top brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, and Visa. Upgrade your speakers with Mr. Ding's symbolic and distinctive designs.

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