Subin Lim

Subin Lim

Subin Lim is a Korean artist known for her imaginative and whimsical designs. Her latest collaboration with Tegrino Studio features a pink horse on a journey towards ideal happiness, spreading seeds of positivity and inviting viewers to join in on the beautiful and joyful experience. The design, titled "Pink Utopia," portrays the story of a pink horse in search of a utopian world where happiness is ideal. With its vibrant pink colors and playful imagery, the design is sure to uplift and inspire all who encounter it.

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Pink Utopia

The Pink World, which cannot be reached because it does not exist in reality, is realized through worksIt is expressed from one's pure desire for utopia and unconsciousness, expressed in pink happiness with colorful colors.By projecting my appearance in search of an utopia in pink to express a happy journey from reality to ideal, I would like to invite tired modern people into utopia, a virtual reality, to think about the inner utopia and provide an ideal sense of happiness in it.

The pink seed that shines in the work is a 'happiness seed' derived from coffee beans, approaching the meaning of recharging, showing the will to guide the audience to a positive life full of love, just as a happy seed is carried in the wind and promises a pink life.

With the theme of the story of a pink horse finding a pink utopia, through the theme of <Forest of Peace, Companionship, Journey>, Pink Utopia is a scene of a journey leading to a happy life, and contains the warm message of a happy companion. In addition, it is a work that expresses his wish to plant the seeds of happiness in our lives by projecting a horse running briskly in a pink field into our own image.