BeoPlay A8 Covers - Spring With You

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"As Spring comes to Shambhala, a snow leopard and a traveler are relaxing in a beautiful tulip field."

x Designed by Korean Artist Aira Choi 

Shambhala is an imaginary utopia that is believed to exist on the Tibetan Plateau and is the origin of Shangri-La. ‘Shambhala’, a mysterious paradise, can be found by passing the river that turns skin into rock when touched, the meadows where elephants and does play, and the forests of beasts.

Aira Choi is a young Korean artist who is a rising star in the country, hold 9 Solo exhibitions and recognized by multiple international art fairs, her latest work ‘The Shambhala Traveler’ is now on the show in Korea. Tegrino Studio works together with Aira to invite you to the Shambhala, in the hope that all of us will reach a beautiful and mysterious world.