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BeoPlay A9 Cover - Towards Paradise

"A traveler in paradise goes for a walk on the back of a snow leopard. On a moonlit evening, animals welcome the brave and beautiful traveler."

Designed by Korean Artist Aira Choi

Aira Choi is a young Korean artist who is a rising star in the country, holding 7 solo exhibitions and recognized by multiple international art fairs , her latest work 'The Shambhala Traveler' is now on the show in Korea. Tegrino Studio works together with Aira to invite you to the Shambhala, in the hope that all of us will reach a beautiful and mysterious world.

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Long Lasting Vibrancy

Handmade using Lycra fabric, printed with eco-friendly ink for lasting vibrancy, and easily washable by hand.

Perfect Fit by Hand

All of our covers are hand fit on the speaker itself before packaging, ensuring a perfect fit to your speaker.

2 Years of Warranty

Our 2-year warranty guarantees replacement of items with any damages or fading colors.

30 Days of Exchange or Return

We understand that sometimes things don't work out as planned, which is why we offer our customers a 30-day hassle-free exchange or return service. If our design doesn't meet your expectations, simply send it back and we'll replace or refund your order promptly.

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